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Artificial Football Grass North West

Artificial Grass for Football is becoming more and more popular to install into many sports facilities across the North West and the UK. It can be played on practically all year round, with the grass constantly looking cut and dry. Artificial Football Grass makes football much safer, it is easy to maintian, easy to install and means less lumps and bumps.

5 A-Side Artificial Grass Football

As well as full size artificial grass football pitches, a popular choice for many sports and football facilities across the UK provide both 5 A-Side and 7 A-Side artificial football pitchs. These allow friends and smaller leagues to take place. By using artificial grass on these types of pitches it means they can run all year round, require less maintenance and be much safer for the players. We have supplied and fitted artificial grass for various sports facilities across Lancashire.

Artificial Grass Football Suppliers North West

As trusted suppliers we provide various types of high quality artificial football grass turf in various shapes, sizes and lengths for sports and football facilities across the UK. Because we are well established and trusted suppliers of high quality artificial grass, we now have a huge list a high quality professional artificial grass fitters based across the whole of the North West. We consider ours selves to be serious about artificial grass and can help you with any related issues. If you are interested, please feel free to give us a call or fill in our contact form.